How to lose weight with a job and kids!

Losing weight can be hard enough already, but adding a job and kids in the mix can be a real challenge.

But it does not have to be!

Here are 3 tips to get you to your goal weight

while keeping you, your boss and your kids happy!

Tip 1

Go beyond the scales!

Create a goal for yourself that is not just a number on the scale. What do you want your new body to look and feel like? What will you do more of when you reach your goal? Will you have more energy? Will you feel sexier? Will you be more active with your children? Will you be able to work with more clarity? Really get clear on how you will feel. Then turn your goal into a short statement, just a couple sentences long and repeat it daily with the purpose of bring up the feelings of what it will feel like to achieve your goal.

Tip 2

Preparation is key!

The single most powerful thing you can do to achieve weight loss is to change the way you eat. There are other factors that affect weight such as exercise, reducing stress and getting enough sleep, but changing the way you eat is the most effective way to lose weight. If your lacking in time, the time you do have will be best spent focusing on what you are and are not eating. A whole food, plant based diet has been proven to be the healthiest and most efficient way to lose weight. If you need more help with this check out my programs and coa