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Vibrant Life Program - 4 Key Areas

One of the things that sets the Vibrant Life Program out from other weight loss programs is its attention to the 4 main areas that greatly affect weight loss, energy and goal achievement. By focusing on each of these areas we increase your chances of reaching your goals and decrease you chance of reverting back to your old habits. By follow this program you are set up to succeed and enjoy the process. Here is a brief description of the 4 areas we will cover.


The program has some of the most simple but delicious recipes I have ever tried. I am so excited to share them with you. These recipes are full of whole plant foods which is the key to this program. Learning to look at food differently, as something that nourishes our bodies and that we can enjoy in abundance is one of the things that makes this program unique.


I have kept the workouts in the program effective and time efficient. I know your all very busy and could really benefit from having short but extremely effective workouts. I kept that in mind when creating the program which is why I have added videos you can easily follow from home as well as printable workouts you can take on the go with you. We will also talk about the importance of finding movement you truly enjoy and explore some fun ways to get active.


You lifestyle and mindset greatly effect how successful you will be at achieving any goal including your health and fitness goals. We will cover this in the program and create changes that will help you achieve lasting results that will improve your life long after you have completed the 6 week program.

Support and Accountability

When you join the 6 week Vibrant Life Program you will get access to a private online community of people that are also participating in the program. I will be working with you in the community for the whole time. I will be sharing videos with you, answering your questions, keeping you accountable and of course supporting you!

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